Fathead Unveils All New Jonas Brothers Collection

Fathead (R), the number one brand in sports and entertainment graphics, has just launched a 4-image series Grammy (R) nominated recording artists, Jonas Brother. The life-like images will feature one shot of heartthrobs Joe, Nick, and Kevin. Jonas Brother are red hot after collecting seven Teen Choice Awards (TM), two MTV Video Music Awards (TM) and a Kid Choice Award (TM), as well as American Music Award (R) and Billboard (R) Award Touring nominations, numerous television appearances and massive press coverage. In response to the phenomenal demand for Jonas Brother, the new collection is available just in time for the holidays. Based on the Jonas Brother incredible success on multiple platforms, are the first to give the greatest chance of living with a collection of images Fathead inspired by their rise to stardom. The Jonas Brother Fathead series is crowned with a collector limited edition of the image, of which only 500 will be produced.

15.12.08 12:41

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