Jls To Sing With Rihanna In X Factor Final

And on the contrary winning JLS were cut to 7. His appearance was credited in part with his victory - after having started the show a 6-1 outsider. The group will perform a duet with the singer on Umbrella LIVE SHOW. 2. In recent years, final Leon Jackson executed next Kylie Minogue. JLS, which stands for Jack the Lad Swings, will perform Rihanna first hit NO1 umbrella Saturday. Fellow finalists will be Alexandra Burke andEoghan Quigg team with Westlife and Boyzone respectively. Oritse Williams and Jonathan Gill, both 21, Aston Merrygold, 20, and Marvin Hume, 23, would be the first team to win the TV.

15.12.08 12:41

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